Places You’ve Been is largely self-produced, and it contains eight solid tracks imbued with an indomitable essence of heartfelt authenticity.
— Caroline Ho, The Other Press
Ho has made a name for himself in Victoria with his upbeat indie folk-rock, a combination that sounds better than ever on his debut full-length, City Of Dust.
— Mike Devlin, Times Colonist
Folk has definitely shown itself to have a strong staying power, weaving in and out of alternative and pop eras alike. These days, it’s been commercialized to a degree many would never have expected. This said, there’s still heart left to follow in so many artists. For Now is a song that comes at a height of many similar contemporaries. Chris Ho doesn’t however walk in line with the rest waiting for his due. He strides confidently with a sense of class attached to his charmingly influenced roots.
— A&R Factory
Singer-songwriter Chris Ho is like a character out of a Wes Anderson film: quirky, deliberate, a full deck of hearts tucked up his sleeve.
— Andrea Warner, CBC Music
The new record is a skillful assortment of eight distinctive yet similarly styled folk-rock tracks. Most of the songs are built on a strikingly simple acoustic framework of guitar and piano that grounds the music and shifts focus to the lyrics, playing to Ho’s strength of storytelling.
— Nick Rassenti, Rocktographers
Sometimes all you need is a good story. Singer-songwriter Chris Ho clearly knows this, as he’s got the whole storytelling bit down to an art, as shown throughout his newest record.
— Sound Vat
The songs on City Of Dust benefited from a long incubation period. Ho spent a lot of time dreaming up the rich textures and complicated arrangements that give the songs their shape…
— Verb Magazine