'Places You've Been' Record Release

I am thrilled to announce that my new record Places You've Been just dropped this Sep 3rd, 2017. 

Sound-wise, the theme for this record is "less is more." I wanted to put together a collection of songs that are honest, relatable, and authentic; and I wanted these songs to feel complete in and of themselves, without having to add extra effects or other furnishings, so to speak. My favourite part of making a record is when you've got the basic scratch tracks recorded (vocals, guitar or piano, a bit of percussion) and nothing more. At that moment it feels like you can go anywhere and do anything with it. The possibilities are endless. You try different things, different sounds, different notes, you imagine the song playing in the background of your dreams. You live and breath these songs until you can transform their meaning and their feeling into a sonic manifestation.

A lot of the time, a producer will step in and dream up these arrangements, but when I got together with my friend Liam Moes (co-producer and engineer of the record), I let him know that I'd like to have a heavy hand in the production process, and would he be willing to let me take most of the reins in that regard. That being said, I was blown away with his abilities. To be completely honest, we basically recorded this entire record in his basement suite. I literally sang in his shower. No lie. And yet it sounds like we had an entire studio at our disposal. If that doesn't truly illustrate one's ability as a recording engineer, I don't know what will. 

Places You’ve Been is about feeling trapped inside old ways of thinking that no longer serve you, and being on the cusp of finding that mental state of awareness where you can take a step back and make the affirmation to just let go. This is where you were, not where you are now.

Hope you enjoy the record,


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