"Places You've Been" Record Reviews

Feeling super grateful and relieved about the kind words being said about my new record, despite having been on hiatus for so long. It's funny, after you hear your songs & recordings over and over again and pick apart everything, you sometimes lose a bit of perspective and start having your doubts. I try to just trust my gut and push through it. There's definitely quite a few songs that didn't make it on the album, which I had to trust my gut about as well. Here are a few excerpts:

“Well I was in my head, so I forgot to be me / It was in my head where my thoughts were scared to be free,” he sings in the country-flavored “For Now.” Across the record, folk-pop and rock tones are the most prominent. Perhaps the best quality is Ho’s genuine, telling recollection of his past—and the vulnerability he exhibits through his storytelling." - Chloe Hoy, Permanent Rain Press

“Places You’ve Been is largely self-produced, and it contains eight solid tracks imbued with an indomitable essence of heartfelt authenticity.” - Caroline Ho, The Other Press

"The new record is a skillful assortment of eight distinctive yet similarly styled folk-rock tracks. Most of the songs are built on a strikingly simple acoustic framework of guitar and piano that grounds the music and shifts focus to the lyrics, playing to Ho’s strength of storytelling. The vocals throughout the album are exquisitely textured, whether it’s a subtle layering of the lead or multifaceted harmonies with backing vocalists Liam McLaren and Sydney Batters." - Nick Rassenti, Rocktographers

"Folk has definitely shown itself to have a strong staying power, weaving in and out of alternative and pop eras alike. These days, it’s been commercialized to a degree many would never have expected. This said, there’s still heart left to follow in so many artists. For Now is a song that comes at a height of many similar contemporaries. Chris Ho doesn’t however walk in line with the rest waiting for his due. He strides confidently with a sense of class attached to his charmingly influenced roots." - A&R Factory

Many thanks!


Chris Ho